Tintagel Country Club

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Tintagel Country Club
Atlantic Road
PL34 0DD Tintagel
Cornwall England
01840 770105
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Leisure Club, Country Club
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more than 6 months ago

I ordered a calzone pizza and it was huge. When it arrived a little man jumped out of it. He thumbed his nose at me and then danced a little jig. I was shocked and asked the waiter about it. He spoke to the manager and the next thing I knew I had been moved to a better table and given a free piece of lard. I used the lard to grease the sheets. It worked well. Soon a little man jumped out from underneath the sheets. When I asked the manager about it he said ' it's not our policy to comment, but if it were our policy to comment my comment would be that it is very odd indeed these sorts of things of which you speak'. And then I woke up

more than 6 months ago

My experience of the place was different from yours, it was more like a badminton match

more than 6 months ago

I had exactly the same problem. Eventually I had to stop telling people cause they thort I was mad. Next time I go there I will bring a net and a big jar to put the little man in and then we'll see who's m m m mad, sir

more than 6 months ago

Just perfect. My swing improved and there was lotsa swinging going on, not all of it golf. The missus got really stuck in to the local Morris dancing group with a hey nonny nonny and a chosker die do if you get my drift

more than 6 months ago

People kept throwing their hats into my flat. I wasn't happy about it but when I asks them Tintagelagel club swingers they says to me loike 'doggy horsey mousey rat throw your cat into Ethel s flat and then you can see what happens when you do. Fffwwwt what kind of a windy pop is that, pet?

more than 6 months ago

We liked the Morris Dancers also - very innovative masks - but a bit of a giveaway - not sure you would be pulling the wool over any self-respecting tartan weavers' eyes, yeah?! Barman pulls a great pint :-)

more than 6 months ago

This is one of the most surprising and fun golf clubs ever. we stopped here in a storm and asked diredctions - before we knew it we were surrounded by other people who also seemed lost.They were so friendly and helpful, before i new it we were made to feel like one of the goup. because of the wether we decided to stay. it was the most fun night ever, and even thou we were newdbies they mad us feel like really part of tings. I cant recomend this place enuofh. our van had a leak and they said we could pay less at the park or the same price for a room becuse it was after 12. So we got the best of both worlds. outside and inside fun. i tell you what I will be coming backhere and i might ever bring my golfclubs.. great spot

05 September 2017

Nice calves at this place

more than 6 months ago

I thort we,s had a invidual experiense here but there are lots of other comments. Me and the wife wotched that TV pogram and thort we shoud have a look like. it was very quite when we got there but soon livened up when the guy and his horse showed up. We wosent sure wether to beleive them storys but even thogh it is blowey in that carpark it soon warms up if you nkow what i mean?? Me and the misuss will be back for sure;she really relaxed bacause the locals were so friendley like;even when her marsk came off they dident staire or nothing. even if it is a long drive wey'll come back when we can. inside and outsside are both good - i'ts a real good find in the lovly country side

dancing the night away

more than 6 months ago

I just had to mention the fun we had -haven't done the birdy dance since the night at the Inferno Bar... Probably aided by the lovely Spewmantie we won at Bingo
#birdy dance#InfernoBar
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